The lounge waiting area is the ideal place to inform your most important customers with messages YOU want them to know. LoungeTV provides a unique opportunity for an upsell on dealership products and services, and gives your sales staff an optimal path to new car sales.

Product Attributes

  • Reinforces external communication for better branding
  • Solidifies customer willingness to spend time in dealership
  • Unique combination of “edutainment”  with dealership messaging

Dealership Benefits

  • Drive increased vehicle, service and parts revenue
  • Removes competitors’ advertisements
  • Markets all profit centers; call-to-action for visitors to interact

Technical Features

  • Easy-to-use direct input for Vehicle Is Ready, Trade Ins Wanted
  • Optional “TV Window” for cable/satellite in main zone
  • Unlimited content changes; based on day of week, month, etc.